Services Offered


Each life stage comes with its own challenges and transitions. We can help you navigate yours.

Tweens and Teens

Tweens, or preadolescence, is the stage of development following early childhood but proceeding the teen years. The tween age range is considered to be from ages 10 to 13. Teenage years start at age 14 and continue through early adulthood, up to age 20.


We work with children as young as age 3. Common childhood issues may include social and emotional development, anxiety, ADHD, and behavioral concerns.

Gender Affirming Evaluations

We conduct evaluations for anyone who is seeking a medical or surgical gender confirmation.

Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

A forensic mental health evaluation or assessment provides recommendations to lawyers, courts or individuals. Evaluations may be used for civil or criminal proceedings, fitness for duty or other purposes. Expert witness services available.

Gender Diversity Trainings

We provide in-person or virtual training for individuals, companies or groups looking to improve gender sensitivity and promote inclusion.